The Best Travel Deal Out There

In 1999 I made a lot of wrong predictions. I predicted that most computer systems would fail at the end of the year. I predicted that Madonna would grow old gracefully. I predicted that the Dow Jones industrial average, which closed above 11,000 in May of that year, would rise to over 20,000 over the next five years.I was never very good with predictions.I was also wrong about Tracey. She’s a travel agent. And a really good one. I first met her in 1999. The year that the online travel Web site was spun off from Microsoft. At the time she worked in one of those travel agency chains with outlets in malls. As the Web grew in popularity back in the ’90s and sites like Expedia and Travelocity came on the scene I thought that that was it for poor Tracey. She’d be out of the travel business and looking for something with better, longer-term prospects. Like an Internet company or a savings and loan.But Tracey was no dummy. Sure, her fashion taste was limited to Reebock pumps and cargo pants. She liked Cher. She watched “Dawson’s Creek.” But she was better at predicting things than I was. Her professional sense was a lot more accurate. She knew something I didn’t: People are too busy to do everything themselves. Especially penny-pinching business owners.She was right. Tracey stayed in the travel business. She’s done well. The travel agency she worked for grew in popularity, despite the online services that came about around her.How is this possible? Aren’t there good travel related websites for business owners? Sure.For example, and are great sites to find out people’s reviews of hotels and destinations. To get cheap airfares, you’ll want to check out, and To get good rates on rooms go to, and Other sites like and bring this stuff together and compare rates from all over.So with all these great sites available, it seems like the best thing a penny pincher can do is go online to get the best deals, right? Wrong. Because when people ask me the best way to save money on travel I always say the same thing: Call Tracey.Life has become more complicated. We can’t be experts in everything. It’s not just about time. It’s about time and money. Both have huge value. And penny pinchers understand this.They understand that travel agents really know what they’re doing. And we, for the most part, don’t. We don’t know the routes that well. We don’t know the system. We’re not travel professionals. We run businesses. We make sure shipments get out the door. We complain about the economy. When it comes time to look for the best airfare or a great deal on a hotel room we’re not familiar enough with the industry to know where to go. Travel agents do this for a living. We lean on them for advice.We’ve tried all the travel Web sites. Their prices are pretty much the same. Tracey’s prices are pretty much the same, too. I don’t see travel agents coming up with that many better bargains than Expedia, but I don’t see a lot of difference either. So why are we fussing with it all? Why not let Tracey do it?We have better things to do. Travel agents take care of the paperwork. They do the hunting for us. They come back with options. They do the administrative and grunt work. We spend our time doing what we do. If the costs are generally the same, why are we wasting valuable time doing something that someone else can do for us? Penny pinchers realize this.I still like to make my predictions. I predict that Republicans and Democrats will one day work together in harmony for the good of the country. I predict that my hair will start growing back. I like the Washington Wizards to take the NBA crown next year.OK, maybe those predictions won’t come true. But here’s one thing that will: travel agents like Tracey will always be a better option for penny pinchers looking to save time and get good deals on travel.

Travel Network Opportunities

Having instant access to network opportunities can turn out to be the nerve center of your business. Believe it or not, travel is one of the largest and one of the most profitable industries in the world, raking in close to $7 trillion every year. And many networks have made a worthy attempt in taking a big chunk of that money. Most travel network opportunities are a representation of a type of travel multi level program. However before you jump on the bandwagon, do your homework. Credibility and professionalism will be key components when dealing with companies providing this kind of unique opportunity.Consider your first impression of their website. How much time and energy was put into giving the website a professional look and feel. Keep an eye out for legitimate contact information such as a physical address or twenty-four hour customer service. With travel network opportunities, you will save yourself a lot of time, energy, headaches and hassles by checking to see if the company has a proven track record with sales that steadily increase and a customer base that continues to expand. On top of that, see what other reputable organizations have to say about the travel network opportunity you want to join. A couple to start off with includes the Better Business Bureau and the Direct Selling Association. You’ll get a clear picture of how credible and dependable the travel network is.An essential ingredient in choosing the right travel network is distinguishing just how much of the networks travel business’s revenue comes from selling travel packages and how much comes from recruiting. It the opportunity’s net worth is based on recruiting efforts as opposed to actually selling travel packages, then you know right off the bat that it may not be the best fit for your business. Another important factor is the network opportunity’s level of customer service. Look at how quickly consumer questions are answered. Do some research on how the company handles customer complaints and negativity. Determine if they are 100 percent engaged with their customers or choose to take a more hands off approach.All travel network opportunities should incorporate specific systems within the travel industry. See who is responsible for booking trips, handling orders and processing payments. Get a good feel for the types of products and services available to ensure they fit your target market. Because there are many ways to advertise within travel networks, it is important that you have clear view of what regions you want to tap into. What’s more, you also want to have a concrete understanding of what your customers needs are. A travel network opportunity will go nowhere fast if your market has no demand for what you are offering.Make no mistake about it, travel network opportunities are developing and expanding faster than you can imagine In essence, networks in the travel industry are growing to serve your better and allowing you the chance to dominate your market. Right out of tomorrow is an exciting new way to increase profits and build long lasting relationships. Travel network opportunities give you the clear competitive edge.

Health and Fitness an Under Rated Commodity

Where did the term health nut come from? When did it become unreasonable to take care of your body without being labeled narcissistic, shallow, in love with ourselves? We are our bodies are we not? Our brains reside within our body and our mind within our brain so why is it accepted to develop our minds and ignore the needs of our bodies as if our body will just automatically be alright no matter how much neglect and abuse it suffers. For centuries we have watched the ones that went before us deteriorate to feeble, weak, shells of themselves suffering all forms of maladies in old age, now granted for most of that time living conditions were primitive and brutal for the majority of people, not having much of a choice in nutrition or opportunities to practice healthy lifestyles while living in ignorance, poverty, subjecting their bodies to backbreaking manual labor just to eke out an existence not a life and most never saw old age, dying in their thirties and forties broken and spent with nothing to show for their suffering. Now for the first time starting in the twentieth century man has the opportunity to take advantage of the advances made to better life, labor saving machines, reduced work hours going from dawn to dark to nine to five, giving us more free time than ever, but with these advances there is also many time wasting technologies. It seems people have no sense of balance, there is only excess, in earlier times excess and overwhelming abuse of the body through forced daily manual labor which took its toll.Too much work didn’t make Jack a dough boy, it destroyed his body and health, but hard work wasn’t the culprit, it was the lack of down time between the periods of hard work that prevented his body from recovering and rebuilding itself. The body does not improve in health, energy, strength and size during hard physical exertion, this can only take place during periods of rest or light activity, so if the body is driven to exhaustion day in day out for weeks, months, and years on end the body will eventually succumb to injury, disease, and death. This is over training, if you will, taken to an extreme degree, but now we have swung to the opposite extreme, excess leisure or the pursuit of it, pampering ourselves, taking advantage of every labor saving opportunity we can as if physical exertion is a sign of stupidity and a lack of intellect or ingenuity, we pat ourselves on the back for our clever avoidance of exerting ourselves. This mindset has spawned a prevalence of inaction, we see people circling parking lots to park as close to a store as possible as if a walk from the outer parking lots would constitute a breach of their god given right to expend as little effort as possible. People will opt for the elevator than climb one or two flights of stairs, walk instead of run, sit instead of stand, lie down instead of sit and sleep if the opportunity is there. Lazy, there I said it, would our ancestors have done the same given the opportunity? you bet they would. What is this preoccupation with total inactivity being the definitive description of utopia? We know from our forefathers that too much hard work is bad for us. Notice I said( too much) hard work not hard work, because the body was designed for work, even hard work, it just requires periods of inactivity to recover before it is ready again, but we have taken the more is better theory to excess, we reason if rest is good than more rest is better and the more we avoid exerting ourselves is the best. As another saying goes, too much of anything is bad for you, so as bad as working yourself to death with no end in sight is, so is the pursuit of avoiding physical exertion at all costs, the all or nothing mentality. Now instead of watching the ones before us work themselves into an early grave, we watch them gradually deteriorate, getting smaller, weaker, losing their independence and human dignity due to a reluctance to exercise their bodies when they were younger and to keep it up into old age. The excuses, I don’t have time, I have real things to worry about, its too much work, its boring. These are the four biggest reasons given to avoid exercise, lets examine them one at a time. I don’t have time. Are you actively involved every minute of the day every day?You can’t find thirty minutes two to three times a week? That’s sixty to ninety minutes out of ten thousand and eighty minutes in a seven day week or one to one and a half hours out of one hundred and sixty eight possible hours, now lets subtract fifty six hours for eight hours of sleep for seven days, then subtract forty hours for work in a week, then subtract four hours each day for commuting, family, daily things that need to be done in a week, then subtract four hours each day for leisure, family, and friends, that leaves us with sixteen hours and we only need one to one and a half hours of that time which leaves us with an excess of fourteen and a half hours that we can devote to any of the other areas of our weekly schedule. I have real things to worry about. We all have real things to worry about, but stress without a release is a real killer combined with a bad diet and reluctance to exertion. Instead of fretting and worrying every minute of the day, wouldn’t some of that time be better spent working some of it off? Worrying never solved anything if the problem is out of your hands and if you can fix it do so, but sometimes taking time away from a problem can give us the break we need to see more clearly how to resolve it, that is why some of the most successful people are able to overcome obstacles in their path by means of constructive distractions like exercise. Socrates was right about the belief of a strong body and mind with one contributing to the health of the other to the betterment of both. Sometimes by overcoming a physical obstacle such as being overweight or achieving a strength goal or a more attractive physique can have a carry over effect on the psyche instilling a confidence in one’s ability to change their situation and equate work with positive results. Its too much work. It takes less time and volume than you might think to improve for the better. We are talking about brief, hard work with adequate rest between workouts combined with walking and a healthy diet to round it out. A typical workout would consist of twelve to fifteen total sets in a given workout of thirty to forty five minutes and half that time would be spent resting between sets, so we are talking about twelve to fifteen minutes of actual exercise with a minute of rest between each set, not a bad investment to good health and quality of life into and throughout old age. Its boring. So are most jobs but we do them for far less noble reasons like money, short lived security, food, and shelter which can be taken away at anytime at the whim of our employer. We pour all this energy and time into an activity that only takes our dreams, desires, and lives and pushes family, friends, personal pursuits, health, and fitness to the side leaving us wanting to escape in distraction, recreation and inactivity which if unstructured gives us no sense of control over any aspect of our lives in a positive constructive way that could let us express our selves and have a sense of worthwhile accomplishment. Old age is also very boring when burdened with poor health, limited mobility, shriveled muscles, weakness, low or no energy, taking handfuls of medications from multiple expensive prescriptions that compete in their budget with groceries, trapped in a body they deemed too low on their priorities in younger years to take care of that now no longer works like it should, limiting their quality and enjoyment of life, all these so called effects of old age of which under most cases could have been prevented or substantially reduced by a little exercise and foresight. Most people remind me of the cattle section of a slaughter house, they see what happens to the cow ahead of them yet remain unaffected and even if given the opportunity to avoid the same dire consequences step forward to suffer the same fate. Please don’t be a cow, open your eyes to the fact that old age does not have to go hand in hand with loss of health, mobility, strength, muscle size, energy, and dignity. Refuse the stupid advice to act your age as if you are embarrassing yourself by being strong, fit, energetic, and healthy at an age when most are starting to lose it all and don’t want the fact underscored and don’t want you to go around as an example of what they could have if they weren’t so lazy.Do yourself possibly the biggest and smartest favor of your life by deciding to take care of your body now to prevent problems usually associated with old age by recognizing they really stem from laziness, inactivity, neglect, and abuse of bad dietary habits, smoking, excessive alcohol, and drug use. You can be fit at any age, its up to you.